Between Frost and Fury Review || A Thrilling, Romantic Space Plot


Delaney has been kidnapped by aliens. Again. After only a month back on Earth with her hotnew alien boyfriend Ruckus, the deadly and devastatingly handsome prince Trystan has dragged her right back to his planet.

While some girls may dream of winning a prince’s heart, Delaney just wishes this one would leave her alone. Instead, she finds herself at the center of both a tense political battle between two alien kingdoms and Trystan’s romantic attentions, both of which are absolutely ruining the life she’s built on Earth. Not to mention the fact that she’s about to be crowned queen of a planet she’s barely even visited. Just another day in life of an ordinary human girl.

This series is genuinely one of the most underrated ever. Seriously. How do more people not know about it?? It’s total love ❤ ❤ I’m obsessed. Where is my sequel???

Between Frost and Fury is the second book in the Xenith Trilogy, and it picks up right back in the action where the first book, Amid Stars and Darkness, leaves off. It took me a little bit to get back into it because we’re just dumped right into the action, but I came to love this–no unnecessary time wasted on exposition or fluff.

So Delaney is back in space once again, but this time, she isn’t impersonating anyone–no, she’s just there as herself! She’s been thrown back into politics, and is being used to avert a potential war–a war between three planets that could threaten the homes of all she loves, including her own Earth.

What makes Delaney a really compelling character, though, is the fact that she’s flawed. She’s realistic. Delaney is just like you and me–she’s just a normal person who’s been thrown into something that she wants no part of, and keeps trying to get out of, ignoring the fact that it might be starting a war because it doesn’t really directly affect her. She’s not a savior, a hero–she doesn’t feel particularly compelled to put the lives of others above her own wants. And this makes her really relatable, really easy to get into her head.

However, Delaney really does have some significant character growth. Despite being held against her will, she is willing to compromise, to try, and of course, she ends up having to make some sacrifices too. Watching her struggle, not sure exactly what she wants, is really compelling.

Trystan, Trystan, Trystan… This book IS clearly a love triangle, which is really annoying since I pretty much hate love triangles on principle, and this one really isn’t an exception. However, I will say that I’ve been Team Trystan since book one, and so that just made this book that much better for me! Ruckus is really much more of a minor character, and while that and the whole love triangle thing is a little annoying since it seems like the author didn’t put much effort into giving him a personality and making there any real competition, I’m lowkey okay with it because it means more Trystan time.

This love triangle actually really reminds me of the love triangle in Shatter Me, with Trystan being Warner and Ruckus being Adam. Ruckus is the sort of lovesick puppy, but Trystan is the one who is willing to make hard decisions, and pushes Delaney to really be better, to be her best person and not just flee back to Earth and take the easy choice.

There are some really complex politics going on here, and I have to admit, they went a little bit over my head. If I recall correctly, they were explained really well in book one, but since it’s been about a year since I read that, I mostly forgot it all. I did recall enough to get by and understand the general gist of the book, though I would really recommend reading this series back to back. (And then the torturous waiting period for the next book!)

Another thing that was different from this book and the first was that we got a couple of chapters from Trystan’s POV. It’s all third person, which is good because I really hate when first person books randomly change, but it still felt a bit cheap, a way to convey knowledge to the reader that we otherwise wouldn’t have known. Don’t get me wrong–I absolutely adored being in Trystan’s head!!!–but since most of the book is from Delaney’s POV, it seemed really jarring and out of place.

Overall, I continue loving this series and I can’t wait for the next one!! Highly, highly recommend 🙂

★★★★.5 / 5


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