Top Ten Tuesday || Authors I MUST Meet!

Top Ten Tuesday is a book blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s prompt is Authors I’d Love To Meet. I’ve never actually met an author! Never gone to a book convention or signing or whatever. But there are some I’m dying to meet! Some day!!

1. J.K. Rowling: The QUEEN. Does anyone not want to meet the mastermind behind the wizarding world of Harry Potter?

Image result for j k rowling

2. Marissa Meyer: Pretty much my favorite author! I’d just ADORE fangirling about Cinder and Co with her!

Image result for marissa meyer

3. Gail Carson Levine: Ahh all my childhood favorites! Just talk to me about Ella Enchanted ❤

Image result for gail carson levine

4. Holly Black: Another one of my favorite authors!! I just need to meet all the favorites!!!

Image result for holly black

5. Meg Cabot: Ahh I’ve read and loved so many of her books I could literally fangirl about them for hours!!! Princess Diaries ❤

Related image

6. Jenny Han: There is no end to my love of her and her book TATBILB. She’s created the most relatable character I’ve ever read about! And her experience with not wanting Lara Jean to be whitewashed, with writing such a beautiful diverse character…

Related image

7. Emily X. R. Pan: The Astonishing Color of After is basically the book of me…half Asian, half white, going back to Taiwan and being unable to communicate with grandparents…(although I’m glad my mom isn’t a bird!). I’d never seen someone like me represented in a book before, and I’m so grateful ❤

Image result for emily x r pan

8. Gloria Chao: I guess this is sort of a theme…well, it’s important! It’s so amazing how a strong Taiwanese woman can write such a beautiful book with amazing culture.

Image result for gloria chao

9. Julie C. Dao: Agh I haven’t even read her published book! But I read a draft on Wattpad by her, before she got published and huge, and talked over comments with her a few times, and it would be so amazing to talk in person!

Related image

10. C. G. Drews (Paper Fury!!): I mean. Don’t all of us book bloggers want to meet her 🙂

Image result for c g drews

Let’s Chat!

Who are some authors you’d like to meet? Anyone on this list? I’d love to chat in the comments below 🙂


37 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday || Authors I MUST Meet!

  1. omg i would die to talk to Gail Carson Levine about Ella Enchanted. also i totally want to meet Jenny Han, just so i can beg for her to write a book about Kitty in person

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  2. I didn’t know what Paper Fury looked like until just now! She’s on my list this week. Julie C. Dao liked one of my tweets today. I don’t know how to make that smiley emoticon with the hearts for eyes, but pretend it’s here.

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  3. I have this obsession with Kwame Alexander. I want to meet him (and I want him to be my best friend)!!! My daughter tells me I need to chill. But he’s coming to my town this weekend and I’m pretty sure I’m going to fangirl out in a major way. And I’m not even a huge HP fan and I want to meet JKR. She’s just wonderful. What a fun conversation that would be, right? I would also LOVE to meet Margaret Atwood. OK. I need to stop. This list could go on for a while. Super fun post.

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