Weekly Wrap Up || September 30, 2018 || A Hiatus

Hello everyone! Welocome to another Weekly Wrap Up! You may be noticing that this is going up a day late–and that this week I failed to post my Top Ten Tuesday and Friday Book Review!! This was actually pretty sad, since in the 9 months I’ve been blogging, I’ve never once missed a Top Ten Tuesday before. However, I just really did not have time for it.

In fact, I’ve come to realize that I really just don’t have much time for blogging these days. It’s stressing me out, and I know that I need to take a short break. I’m not entirely sure if that means I’ll just post twice a week, or none at all, but for the first time in months, I have zero scheduled posts–I don’t even have book reviews to post because I haven’t had time to read any books! I’m definitely still going to try and get out a monthly wrap up for September though!!!

So I’m taking a short hiatus–or maybe a semi hiatus–but I’ll be back soon! Love you all ❤


Books Read

In the past week, I did manage to read The Hate U Give, and it was 10000% as good as people said it is, and 200000% worth the hype. If you’re one of the remaining people living under a rock like me, I definitely recommend checking it out.

Image result for the hate u give

Reading Next

Next, I’m planning on reading The Sweetest Kind of Fate. I read the first book in the series a while ago, and low key forgot about it, until I saw this in the library today and just knew that I had to get it!


Blog Posts

If you missed any of my posts, there were only three last week, but I did enjoy them all. Princess hair!!! All that needs to be said. The Disney Princess Hair Tag!! | Dreams of Gods and Monsters Review || A Boring, Anticlimactic Conclusion | Should Bloggers Review All Books? || Discussion |


20 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up || September 30, 2018 || A Hiatus

  1. Totally understand the need for a hiatus/break from keeping up a rigorous blogging schedule! Do what works best for you 🙂
    And YES, THE HATE U GIVE IS AMAZING!! I’m so glad you loved it!!

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  2. Totally get that you need a hiatus, ever since school started I’ve reduced the amount of times that I post during the week and it really made me feel a lot better and way more stress free, so take your time! 🤗🤗

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  3. Good for you taking a break for a bit – blogging is meant to be fun, so if it starts to stress you out it’s definitely time to take a step back! I have reduced my posting frequency to once a week and it’s really helped me feel more relaxed about blogging – I have time to read lots of books as well as write about them! Hope you enjoy some lovely low-pressure reading for a while 😊

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  4. Definitely take a break if you need one — you’ll bounce back into blogging way more refreshed than you were before, and especially if you’re a student, then it’s nice to have a few weeks to catch up with school things 😊 I had tried blogging three times a week while getting into the school year, but now I’m only doing one post a week and it’s done wonders in helping me find balance between blogging and school. Maybe that will help you out as well? 🤔

    I hope you have a wonderful month of October, and I hope you rest well during your hiatus!

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  5. ahhh now i’m officially the only person left on earth who hasn’t read The Hate U Give! but i’m glad to hear you loved it and it was worth the hype 😀

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  6. I love The Hate U Give so much. I’m glad you liked it. I believe the movie is coming out soon. I really hope it does well. It’s so hard for a movie to live up to a book.

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  7. I’m actually about to put a post up about the overwhelming amount of books I have to read because I simply don’t have time. It’s very frustrating! I’m almost out of scheduled posts and I’m only doing once a week right now!

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