Weekly Wrap Up || September 22, 2018

Books Read

  • Woman Warrior: 2 stars. I only read this because it was required, and ngl I got so fed up with how pretentious Kingston is so yeah don’t recommend haha
  • Between Frost and Fury: 4.5 stars. I adored this!!! I’ve been waiting for so long it’s been a year since I read the first one and I totally recommend!!!

Image result for woman warrior maxine hong kingstonImage result for between frost and fury

Reading Next

  • The Hate U Give. I ended up not having time for it last week, but I really want to read it this week!!

Image result for the hate u give goodreads

Blog Posts


Life Happenings

  • I’m so sorry I’m so bad at responding to comments! To be honest, I might just take a hiatus and take a week off or something, because life is getting crazy. On Thursday and Friday alone, I had three tests and two essays! I promise I’ll get to all your comments, just maybe not right now!
  • For my Spanish Literature class, we’re starting reading parts of Don Quixote (in untranslated Spanish lol) on Monday, so hopefully I don’t die haha.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up || September 22, 2018

  1. I’ve also been terrible about blog hopping/commenting this week. I’m so happy for these weekly update posts! I love a good rant, so I will be checking out your review of On the Fence for the lols later ^_^

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  2. i hope if you take a hiatus it’s relaxing and refreshing! i am extremely pro-hiatus and think they can be so helpful. good luck with Don Quixote, & i hope you enjoy The Hate U Give (which i STILL haven’t read :o)

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  3. Hi Kay! If you need to take a break, totally go for it! It’s so important to relax and refuel for everything else that we have to do, and especially as a high school student, I’m always for giving myself more time to relax than I think I need. (I never regret it.) 😊 I hope you find a balance between blogging and school soon, and take time for self-care and relaxation! 💕

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