The Cramm Award

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Hey! Exciting news! Zoie, from Whisked Away By Words, nominated me for The Cramm Awards!! Huge thanks to her, and be sure to check out her lovely blog ❤


  • Include a tidbit about who created this award (theCramm)
  • Mention the person who nominated you
  • Share three thingsthat motivate you to blog
  • Share three people who inspire you to blog
  • Share one thing you hope to do that will improve the world
  • Answer your challenge question
  • Nominate 10+ bloggers and give them a fun challenge question


Things That Motivate Me To Blog

  1. The community! The book blogging community is just so amazing and friendly, so much more so than I ever imagined before I started!! Talking to you lovely people is always a highlight of my day ❤
  2. I’m able to talk all about books! Seriously, since most of my real life friends and family don’t care about the books I read, being able to go on and on about them here is just amazing!
  3. It helps me to discover new amazing books! I used to just be a browser who picked up whatever, now I can discover amazing, amazing beloved books!


People Who Motivate Me To Blog

  1. Cait from Paper Fury! Cait’s blog is really, just absolute goals, and every time I look at it I’m so motivated to make my blog better! Plus she’s just the most amazing blogger/person ever and she’s so friendly and funny and I just ❤
  2. Dani from Touch My Spine Book Reviews. Dani was so friendly and helpful to me when I was just starting my blog months ago! She’s had so many tips, and she’s always so amazing that I really aspire to be like her!!
  3. Kelly from Another Book In The Wall. Kelly and I started blogging roughly the same time, and she’s definitely one of my absolute all time favorite bloggers! I love interacting with her, and her amazing discussions are absolute goals!!


One Thing To Improve The World

Wait this is too deep for me lol I’ll talk about this to people I know but not the internet. But I’m interested in hearing what YOU want to do to improve the world!


Zoie’s Challenge Question

If your life’s story was magically kept in a detailed journal, would you rather 1) be able to read about your past at any time to reflect on your life, or 2) have the ability to write in the blank pages of your future to control what will happen? You can only choose one option!

The future. No question haha. The past has already happened and there’s not really a point in dwelling on it. Meanwhile, the future is terrifying. If I could just write in a good university, a good job, lots of time to read, that would be great.


My Challenge Question

If you could replace the protagonist from your favorite book, would you do it? Meaning, for example, you would get the amazing friends and book boyfriend (assuming they exist in the book) but you would also have people trying to murder you and have to watch your friends die (as often happens to our favorite main characters), or whatever else happens to them 🙂


I nominate…

Emma | Andie | Lily | Malanie | Kelly | Kaya | Shannon | Sophia Ismaa | You!

Tbh I always nominate the same bloggers, but that’s okay because the bloggers I always nominate are pretty much my favorite people haha ❤ ❤


18 thoughts on “The Cramm Award

  1. OOoh, your answer to the challenge question was interesting! The future is definitely daunting, but I like the feeling of uncertainty and jumping into the unknown, of just letting things unravel according to their own time. I’m an old lady at heart, so I would definitely prefer having several volumes of books documenting my past so I can reminisce about what happened 😋 At the same time, as a high school student, the thought of writing in a university in my future sounds very, very appealing — but oh well! 😇

    I enjoyed reading your answers to this award! 😊


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