Top Ten Tuesday || Hidden Gems

Top Ten Tuesday is a book blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s prompt is Hidden Gems! I’m so excited to shed light on some of my favorites! When I go to the library, I’m a browser, and read a ton of books that I haven’t heard of because they sound interesting, but nobody else seems to know how amazing they are!!


1. Wendy Darling:  How have so few people read this?? This is honestly one of my favorite series ever!!! Seriously, if you like Peter Pan, retellings, fantasy, young adult, or ANYTHING read this pronto! Five stars!!!

Image result for wendy darling series colleen oakes

2. Spindle: Again, one of my all time favorites!!! It’s a totally amazing Sleeping Beauty retelling set in Industrial Revolution America!! Plus, cover love anyone?? ALSO five stars!!

Image result for spindle book

3. Lotus and Thorns: ALSO ALSO a five star book I freaking loved it it blew my mind so much and also if you see the cover HOW CAN YOU NOT READ IT?

Image result for lotus and thorn book

4. Amid Stars and Darkness: Honestly, at this point why are all the books with gorgeous covers not being read? This book dealt with ALIEN PRINCESSES how cool is that??? Love love love.

Image result for amid stars and darkness

5. Never, Never: Another completely phenomenal Peter Pan retelling! Seriously, a MUST READ

Related image

6. Timestorm: One of my favorite books!!! The only time travel book that I absolutely ADORE. And don’t even get me started on that ending that DESTROYED my SOUL. There are very few books I can say that I 100% did not see the ending coming. This is one of them.

Image result for timestorm goodreads

7. Bookishly Ever After: It’s about a book nerd. Like Fangirl. How? Isn’t that premise everyone’s favorite??

Image result for bookishly ever after

8. Walk on Earth a Stranger: I think a few more people have read this one, but still, nowhere near enough!!! Also it is the most beautiful cover ever aosidlkjfwaoidfjlsk.

Image result for walk on earth a stranger series

9. Wicked Lovely: This one isn’t unheard of, but it has nowhere near the recognition it deserves! It’s honestly my favorite faerie series, better than anything SJM or Holly Black writes!!!

Image result for wicked lovely

10. The Truth about Happily Ever After: It’s not one of my all time favorites, but I definitely enjoyed it, and I think I’m the only one who’s read it?? Seriously, it’s about a girl who’s job is being Cinderella at Disney. Isn’t that AMAZING?

Image result for truth about happily ever after


Let’s Chat!

Have you heard of/read any of these books? (And do you love their covers as much as me???) I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤



43 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday || Hidden Gems

  1. I meant to pre-order Amid Stars and Darkness before it came out and totally forgot, and now every time I see it, it reminds me that I really want to order it soon because it sounds soooo good! I also want to check out Melissa Marr’s books soon, though I’ll probably start with one of her newer titles since I already own a couple. Great list!

    — Destiny @ Howling Libraries
    T10T: Scared of the Hype!

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  2. Fairytale and Peter Pan retellings are my favourite things! I’ll definitely keep an eye out for all of these!

    I’ve read the first Wicked Lovely book and am currently looking for the second one -it was really good! I loved the author’s take on the Fae and their customs 😊

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  3. I’ve actually never read a Peter Pan retelling, and I don’t know why because I have a feeling I’ll *love* them — so into my TBR the Wendy Darling series & Never Never goes! 😊 I read Walk on Earth a Stranger in middle school (which feels like a looooong time ago 😆) and remember feeling a bit underwhelmed by the story… but do you think it’s worth a reread, and does the story pick up in the second and third books? This was a great list! I can’t wait to check out some of the other books you have on this list, too — especially Spindle, because I absolutely adore the fairy tale retelling genre 😊

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