Looking Back On Summer 2018 Goals!

Well, today is the first day of school for me so brb I’m off to throw myself off a cliff while sobbing hysterically. Honestly, I’m so sick of *back to school!* ads and people who are actually excited about back to school because why. I feel like a lot of popular YouTubers who post back to school videos aren’t even in school anymore so why owaiesldkjf wioejalksd wioejlkdsf jwioelskaw9p3oeir m 029op3wre jfsd owiejk 290op3 iweiojlksdf


Anyways, at the beginning of the summer, I posted Summer 2018!! Blogging Goals 🙂 where I listed some of my goals for my blog in the summer! Now that summer is over (owiajskfdwpaiofsdjklasoifkljsfx i refuse) I wanted to make another post as a wrap up to see how I’ve done 🙂

1. Get ahead on Goodreads goal. Check! Before summer, I was right on schedule with 45 books read, now, 10 weeks later, I’m 20 books ahead with 83 books read! At least I won’t have to worry about that too much during the fall! (Because believe me, I’m going to fall behind again. Fall is going to be…hard).

Image result for goodreads

2. Write/post more reviews. Ehh, kind of. I’ve been reading like crazy, and actually have stopped reviewing every book I read so that’s not good! But I’m still just reviewing something like 3/4 of the books I read! I’m also scheduled ahead three weeks so that’s good!


3. Change up my blogging schedule. Check! I actually did this, and stopped posting every day, stopped doing WWW Wednesday, and started doing Weekly Wrap Ups, and I’m much happier! Here’s my new schedule 🙂

  • Sunday: Discussion
  • Monday: Review
  • Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday
  • Thursday: Random (usually a tag, sometimes discussion, sometimes nothing)
  • Friday: Review
  • Saturday: Weekly Wrap Up


4. Fix up my blog aesthetic. Kind of check! I didn’t actually do all the watercolor headers that I thought I might, but I did change my blog header from the generic WordPress sunflower haha! I also changed my profile picture to a picture of my bookshelf! And yes, those are all of the books I have. Something like 40-50 total, including Rainbow Magic and Geronimo Stilton xD

5. Write more. Check! This summer I started and completed a ~65,000 word novel and I couldn’t be more proud!! It’s also a summer contemporary so I’m really happy that I wrote it in the summer because I like to think I captured the mood of summer!


6. Request ARCs. Check! I’ve requested one ARC, and since it’s been a while I’m pretty sure I didn’t get it, but that’s okay!! I think the first email was the hardest and I’m ready to try again 🙂


Let’s chat! Did you have any goals over the summer? How did they go? If you’re a student, when does your summer end? (PS: if I’m slow at responding to comments…you know why. Tbt the days when we didn’t get hours of homework on the first day…)


17 thoughts on “Looking Back On Summer 2018 Goals!

  1. It seems like you had a really fulfilling and busting summer! We’re finally starting to come out of winter down under in Melbourne and I couldn’t be more excited for the warmer weather! Spring and summer starts a bit later here because we’re closer to the south pole but when it does hit Australia has such amazing coastlines and beaches so it’s worth the wait! I’m especially looking forward to summer so I can binge read all Morgan Matson’s books (again! 😉 ) and finally get around to reading Save the Date. ❤

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  2. Fantastic job on your summer goals! I don’t know how you did all that and wrote a novel. Amazing! I feel like you might have some good time management tips to pass on to us. 🙂

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