The Social Media Tag!

Hello friends! The other day, Kelly from Another Book In The Wall tagged me for the social media tag, which looks just too fun, so of course I had to do it!!


Instagram–a blog with a design you love.

Sprinkles of Dreams! Seriously, Lily’s blog design (and just her whole blog in general!!) is so goals. My eyes feel blessed every time I look upon it.


Facebook–a blog with a friendly blogger.


Um, I don’t know, everyone? Everyone here is so friendly! But I’m just going to say Dani from Touch My Spine Reviews because she’s pretty much the most friendly person ever and she was so friendly to me and encouraging when I was just getting started!!!


Twitter–a blogger who could write 140 characters and you would still love them.

Another Book In The Wall. I wasn’t going to talk about Kelly here because she already tagged me and I didn’t want to do a tag back, but as I was writing this, I was physically incapable of not mentioning her! She’s one of my favorite bloggers ever and literally no matter what she writes, I love.


YouTube–a blog that keeps you entertained.

Malanie Loves Fiction! Malanie is pretty much one of the best people ever and that’s so evident in her blog. Like, honestly, is there a single post of hers that I haven’t smiled at reading? I love how her voice shines through in her posts!


Snapchat–a blogger whose updates you can’t wait for.

Emma Reads Too Much! Emma’s blog is like goals, and she’s so friendly and writes such great content I just love. Emma doesn’t post too much so I’m always dying for updates, and when they come, they’re WORTH IT


Tumblr–a blog that is very diverse and has variety.screenshot-32.png

Odd and Bookish. Jessica’s blog has pretty much everything, bookish and non bookish, and it’s all so great!


I TAG…everyone I mentioned–some of the best bloggers ever :)))) Be sure to check them all out–highly recommend ❤ ❤


21 thoughts on “The Social Media Tag!

  1. OMG
    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! i am literally laboring through writing a post at this exact moment so seeing this is exactly what i needed ILY AH

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