Why Book Best Friends Are Better Than Boyfriends

In the bookish community, we put a lot of emphasis on the book boyfriends. The love interest. The swoony hot guy. Etc. I feel like in putting all the emphasis on the gorgeous boyfriend, we often forget about the best friend that was there for the main character all along! But don’t worry; I’m here to list 7 (because I couldn’t think of ten so maybe that negates my entire post) reasons why the book best friends are BETTER than book boyfriends!!! (shocker, right??)

1. They talk about the boyfriend. How annoying is it when there’s a huge misunderstanding between the two love interests and you want to go scream TALK YOU FOOLS!! Thankfully, we are saved by the friend pouring her heart out to the best friend. And better yet–when the best friends talk about how hot the bf is and the readers get to drool.

2. They’re more relatable. Haven’t we all sat around and talked with our friends before? Acted like insane people and gotten funny looks by adults and then died laughing? (just me? okay…) BUT maybe we’ve never had a swoony boyfriend because let’s be real books set unrealistic expectations (@mrdarcy) so I just CAN’T RELATE!

3. The more the better! Also known as: NO LOVE TRIANGLE! Yasss for #squadgoals; we can have all the friends in the world with no infuriating love triangle drama!


4. We can count on them. Usually. I think I die a little when a friend betrays my precious main character. BUT usually it’s the “boyfriend” that gets the main character so upset and miserable and the best friend is there to eat ice cream together.

5. You can get attached to them. Similar to #4, they usually aren’t going anywhere. No annoying Love Interest #2 is going to pop out of nowhere and turn LI#1 into an ahole. We can get attached to our bffs and not worry about having our heart ripped out and stomped on later.

6. We (readers) can fall in love with them. You don’t have to worry about breaking up an OTP when you jump into the story and steal the boyfriend for yourself! How great is that??

7. Kenji. Okay the truth is out Kenji from Shatter Me is my favorite person ever and I’m all like screw Adam and Warner let me have my Kenji and so of course he’s here I mean why not???

Image result for shatter me book

If you couldn’t already tell, this list is kind of a joke/me being my weird and silly self. It was partly inspired by the success of my old post Books > Boyfriends, which was written in this style! I actually wrote this a long time ago but then I kind of forgot about it and I had nothing to post today so I panicked and threw it up and here we are 🙂

PS: if you want to read an actual serious post on book friendships I highly recommend checking out Kelly’s discussion on platonic friendships


24 thoughts on “Why Book Best Friends Are Better Than Boyfriends

  1. Ha this post was cute! I honestly never thought of characters as my book anything?? But I definitely ship(ped) stuff and gosh want to be a part of book squads and all that. Friendships trump relationships IMO because how do you survive without friendship/friendliness? I know some friends who are in great relationships because there’s a balance of give and take with their SO. But I’ve seen far too many relationships where one person gives gives gives and the other takes and no one even tries to acknowledge or grow past that. ANYWHO thank you, Kay, for this post because I do think it’s important to highlight platonic/friendships. ❤

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  2. This is an interesting post!! I agree with what you said about how best friends in books are more dependable and that they usually stay around. Friends in books are usually pretty loyal! For example, I really loved the friendships in ‘The Unexpected Everything’! 🙂

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  3. Such a cute post! i usually read adult fiction/ crime / thriller where friends are not really an important thing in the story.

    From the few YA i read, I loved the friendship in turtles all the way down for one. It was quite realistic and reminded me a bit of my friendship with my bestie when we were in high school 😃

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    1. Some mysteries have good friendships (Sherlock and Watson). And that between Lincoln and Amelia in Deaver’s Lincoln Rhyme series. I loved the earlier ones, but haven’t read the last few. Have you read that series? If you like crime/thrillers, it’s a good pick.

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  4. This is a cute post! And my first thought was actually the friendship between Drizzt and Guenwyvar in Salvatore’s Legend of Drizzt series. She might not ‘talk’, but they communicate, and she’s been with him from the beginning.

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  5. I actually agree with your points! Though I haven’t read many books with best friends in them, so it’s hard to know for sure. But it’s nice when you have a friendship that helps the main character get through tough points in the book.

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