Top Ten Tuesday: I Made It!

Top Ten Tuesday is a book blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s prompt is Books I Decided To DNF Too Quickly. usually don’t DNF books if I get more than a couple chapters into them, so I couldn’t really think of anything for this prompt. Instead, I decided to list a few books that I almost DNF’ed, but ended up reading all the way through 🙂 In other words: Books I Almost But Didn’t DNF.

1. Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi: So I checked this out from the library a few years ago, read the first couple of chapters, got bored, and then it was due and I hadn’t read it and that was that. BUT. Last year, a couple(ish) years after the first try, I decided to check it out again and I actually made it through and now I love it ❤


2. Above by Leah Bobert: I was almost DNFing this book the whole way through, it was just so boring. I read it last year and if you ask me now, I have no idea what it’s about.


3. A Song For Ella Grey by David Almond: Same as above, this was just so boring. But it was really short so I just slogged through it in a day, put it down, and never thought about it again.


4. Every Soul A Star by Wendy Mass: Ah I loved this one so much but I was half way through it when it got recalled at the library! So I returned it, immediately placed a hold on it, and finished it two weeks later 🙂


5. Wicked Like A Wildfire by Lana Popavic: The first half of this book was really slow and boring and I almost DNFed it, but I made it and I’m so HAPPY I did because the second half is WAY BETTER!!


6. It Chicks by Tia Williams: What was this one about again?


7. Poppy by Mary Hooper: ^^^


8. The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han: Look, I just really hate Belly. I could barely make it through this book I kept wanting to throw it at Belly the Stupid.


9. Princess on the Brink by Meg Cabot: I read this in middle school and was freaked out by the mention of sex hahahaha (and it was only mentioned, never even done. I probably would have died if I read ACOTAR then) so I returned it and came back to it something like a year later and so glad I did because the series is just sooooooo good ❤


10. Blue Moon by Alyson Noel: Same as above except not that glad I did because the series was just why?


28 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: I Made It!

  1. I had a similar problem with Shatter Me but now it’s definitely one of my favourites! It’s so lyrical and intriguing–I adore it. As for the rest, a lot of these I haven’t heard of but The Summer I Turned Pretty is on my DNF list. Which is rare for me and I always feel bad because it is so beloved in the YA community. Great list!

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