Why I’m Not Reading Your Book Blog: Discussion

I know there are tons of these posts floating around the internet, but lately, I decided that I wanted to explain why I might not be reading/following/commenting on your blog! I love blogging, most especially the amazing blogging community, and whenever someone likes/comments/follows my blog, I like to check out yours, but sometimes I just don’t end up sticking around. I’m sorry! I really really want to! I just wanted to share my personal reasons, so maybe it’ll help you get more readers! Remember, this is just my PERSONAL OPINION, and others might have a complete opposite opinion of me. Just because I might not read your blog doesn’t mean it’s not good; someone else might think it’s amazing and that’s fine!!!

The Technicalities

1. I can’t find it. From what I’ve seen, most bloggers, like myself, have a homepage that displays their most recent posts. Some bloggers have a static homepage, and a tab at the top navigation that says “blog” or something, where I can find their recent posts. But sometimes I just can’t find all the recent posts?? Blogging is something I do in my scarce free time, and if it’s not immediately clear where your “blog” is, I’m not sticking around to look for it.

2. No dates. Most blogs have the dates of the blog post next to them on the front page or the actual post or something. But some blogs don’t have a date, and I wonder, when was this even published?? Is this blogger even active anymore?? I don’t want to be commenting on something years old, so when I can’t find the date, I don’t read it.

Flat Lay Photography of Calendar

3. Hard to comment. Since I have a WordPress blog, my favorite blogs to comment on are WordPress, since it’s so easy. Most self hosted blogs are pretty easy too: those with name, email, and url spots. Blogger blogs are more annoying: I comment with name/url, which requires me to select that method of commenting, type it on, and then check the little “I’m not a robot!” box, which can be really annoying when I’m trying to read a bunch of blogs, especially on Top Ten Tuesdays. However, unless I’m in a particularly bad mood, I’ll still comment.

When I won’t comment is when I can’t! I’m not entirely sure how commenting on Blogger works, but it seems like there’s a drop down menu of ways to comment, and Name/Url isn’t always an option. Since WordPress commenting doesn’t work on Blogger (“could not verify open ID credentials,” if there’s no Name/Url, I can’t comment. And if I see Disqus, I don’t have an account and I won’t comment.

Macbook Pro Beside White Cup And Saucer On Table

4. No follow button. Sometimes I just can’t find the follow button! Especially the WordPress follow button: I don’t follow any blogs via email because it spams my inbox and I check my WordPress reader anyways, so it’s a waste of time to sort through my email. I know you can follow non WordPress blogs with the reader, but I’m going to be honest; I’m lazy and less likely to follow if it takes more than one button click. I am following a few non WordPress blogs in my reader, but only the ones I really love.

The Aesthetics

5. There’s too much going on. If there’s flashy, glittery, irritating colors/gifs/whatever popping out at me, there’s too much stimulation, and I usually won’t look at it. #sorrynotsorry. It’s just my personal preference!

Assorted-color Sequins

6. The font. I’m sorry, but sometimes I really don’t like fonts. The worst is if the font is too small to read, then I’m not going to be squinting and stressing my eyes trying to make out what you’re saying. Same goes with when the font is illegible because it’s some obscure cursive like Zapfino or something. And then… if I don’t like the font, I’m less likely to stick around.

For example, I just personally don’t like the font Lobster that so many bloggers seem to use (especially when it’s in all caps aahhh!). BUT, I have learned to put up with it, and I read a bunch of blogs that use it, and I realize that it’s just a personal preference, so I’ll put up with it for the blogger love ❤ It’s not the tipping point for me to not read your blog, it’s just one reason. (Although comic sans might be a deal breaker… xD )

7. No pictures! I know I’m not alone on this one–it’s just easier to read posts with pictures in them! To break up a solid wall of text! More smaller paragraphs is also easier on the eye than a few gigantic ones.

Person Holding Mug Beside Photos

The Content

8. Not a book blog! I’m a book blogger, and I follow book bloggers! There are several people who have followed/commented on my blog, and I clicked back to your blog, but it just isn’t the type of stuff I read, and that’s why I didn’t stick around! I’m sure some people love it though 🙂

Light Inside Library

9. You’re inactive. You don’t have to post that often! I’m hitting a bit of burnout myself and posting less frequently. But if you only post, say, once or twice a month, I usually won’t follow. I’m following 200+ blogs, and it’s really hard to keep track of them–I’ve been going through and unfollowing blogs that seem inactive. If you’re active commenting on my blog/other blogs, that might be different, but my reader is already clogged up enough with active blogs, and I don’t want to get even more bogged down!

10. No interaction. I’m here for the blogging community. I love you people! If I click on your post, and I see that you never respond to comments or have conversations with people, I see no point in having a one sided conversation with myself when I could be fangirling with another blogger!

Person Sitting on Bench Under Tree

So this was my personal ten reasons why I might not be reading your blog. Do you agree with any of these, and what are some reason why you don’t read blogs? I’m really curious to know! We can help each other out and all get more readers 🙂

52 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Reading Your Book Blog: Discussion

  1. I passed up following quite a few blogs because there was just no way of following it.
    I’m like you when it comes to emails. I don’t want to log into my email account and have 200 unread messages cuz i’d get a nervous breakdown immediately.

    Commenting is the same. If i have to perform a wiccan ritual every time i want to say something, i just won’t.

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    1. Ahh I’m so glad I’m not alone! Between my blog and personal email, I have some 600+ unread emails in my inbox and they’re just piling up because they’re too intimidating for me to to sort through…

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  2. I think those are all really relatable reasons as to why you wouldn’t visit a blog often. I definitely struggle with blogger blogs as well, because I get way too frustrated with their options for commenting. It’s often really not even that I don’t want to comment, but that it literally doesn’t let me and deletes the comment I have taken the time to write already.
    With my own blog, I feel like it’s often a gamble. I have times where I am very book-focused and others where it’s more about TV and I understand that it’s not something that everyone is into and that people may have followed me for different reasons. Especially when I am super busy and my blog posts get less as a consequence of that, I struggle to provide content for everyone.

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    1. I’m glad you agree, Kat 🙂 Ugh, yes, it’s so frustrating when I go write a comment and then it doesn’t even post and I’m just like…why. I agree that it can definitely be hard to provide content for everyone, but hopefully that means the people who really like your blog will follow and be active ❤

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  3. Great post! I agree with so many of your points, and I think it’s actually a really good guide for those starting out or newish to blogging. I’ve definitely learned that if you want people to like/comment on your posts or to follow you, you have to make it EASY for them. Like, SUPER easy. If you only have a few seconds/minutes to make an impression on prospective followers then you have to make it count 🙂

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  4. I love this post, and I agree with you on pretty much all your points. And I know that not following a blog purely for aesthetic reasons seems somewhat superficial, but some fonts I just personally find very annoying and grating on my eyes. 🙈 If I love the blog posts, though, I’ll still follow & comment, regardless.

    Wonderful blog post, Kay! ❤

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  5. Thanks for this. I feel like it’s a really honest post, and I agree with it. Unfortunately, there are very few bloggers who do it full-time, and most people have other things to do like work, studying, boring adult stuff which gets in the way of reading blogs, and that’s usually why I end up missing new blogs and things. I try and communicate as much as possible, but with limited time, you just can’t get to everyone, and the people who regularly post and comment and write about books you like are going to be the ones you make the time to read ❤

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    1. You’re welcome–thanks for commenting 😀 I agree it’s irritating–life keeps getting in the way of blogging right now and I’m missing so many posts from fabulous bloggers I feel bad! But I definitely try to make an effort for my favorite bloggers ❤


  6. This was a really thoughtful post and a lot of good things to keep in mind! Straight up, I just switched my font — I had to doublecheck that I was indeed using Lobster for my headings. Initially I picked it because of the name lol and I wanted more of a differentiation between headers and the body of text so I went with cursive. But readability is a huge factor to consider and those capital A’s were truly awful. Anywho, for myself, the blogs I’ve followed so far have a distinct voice. Their reviews and other posts really show who they are as a reader and a fan (or non-fan as well, lol, rant posts are wonderful, when it’s about the text and not an attack on the author).

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  7. I also relate with the hard to comment one, it’s kind of stressing when I have to write my email, my blog’s name and my name and the robot thing, sometimes I just give up haha. It makes me really sad because I want to give love to everyone but doing all that just takes sooo muuuch haha. Great Post ❤

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  8. I agree so much with the point about there being too much visual stimulation on some blogs! There is one in particular that everyone seems to rave over their content, but I can’t read it because the whole thing is literally sparkling at you the whole time and GIFs are everywhere…sensory overload!
    I felt like you made some really great points though! And it can definitely get overwhelming when you follow everyone who follows you. You’ve definitely got to be selective 🙂

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  9. Such a fantastic post! I agree with all of these! Especially with passing up a blog when there is no way of following it. I know on laptops, there’s a convenient button on the bottom of the page that allows me to follow it, but that isn’t the case with the mobile app. 🙄

    Also, how do you follow non-Wordpress blogs with the reader? I can’t seem to figure out how to! Haha

    Lovely post as always! ❤️

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    1. Thanks, Kelly ❤ I get so frustrated when I read a great blog and want to follow but can't figure out how!! If you go to the "reader" button and click the "manage" button to the right of "followed sites," there's a space at the top "follow something new" for you to type in the url of a website 🙂

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  10. I’ve noticed that it really is hard to get to comment some blogger blogs! It’s annoying to sit here and try to leave one comment and it irritates the life out of me when it’s too damn hard. I really don’t have the patient for that, lol. And how do I even follow blogger blogs? Can’t believe I used that platform sometime 😀

    There was a time when I was reading these posts and everyone mentions aesthetics. I was there thinking “well they will definitely not follow my blog since it’s a free template from wordpress then” and “I don’t care what someone’s blog looks like”. And well, you can probably guess what happened, right? I do actually care the aesthetics. If the page looks like something that only gives me a headache or there’s so many different elements going on or it’s a super weird template that’s hard to read, I won’t follow.

    Great post!!

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  11. I get so frustrated when I want to comment on a post and it’s in Blogger or Disqus. Sometimes my site doesn’t go through for Blogger accounts and I don’t have Disqus, and I don’t want to have to do so much extra work for a single comment.

    I totally agree that aesthetics of a blog really effect my enjoyment of reading it. I’m a little embarrassed of this, but I once unfollowed a blogger because she changed her colors to brown and orange, and it was just so unattractive that the content of the blog couldn’t push through. I’m also really big on fonts. If the font is too small to read I skip over it. I’m not always a fan of people who use footnotes in their posts because they’re just too small and I want to be able to read a post quickly without frustration.

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    1. Ah yes completely agree! It’s super annoying to try and squint as a flashy strange colored strange typeface font on my little phone screen and super frustrating!


  12. i’m purely awful at commenting on blogs i’m not following, and i follow a lot of blogs (probably too many blogs honestly), so i really only comment on
    -blogs i’m following
    -well-designed blogs
    -posts that i have something to say about (like if they talk about a book i’ve heard of, multiple books, or have questions to answer at the end)
    otherwise i’ll be stressing about commenting and i just never want to do that! anyway i loooove this post.

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  13. This is such a good post, I totally agree with everything you’ve said! There have been so many times where I’ve liked a blog and tried to follow it, but then couldn’t find the follow button! After about two minutes of looking, I give up and move on.

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  14. This post speaks to me! I’ve made blog hopping a priority this month and I’ve tried branching out from just WordPress blogs and it’s so hard to comment on some blogs, even ones that seem to be hosted on WordPress, strangely enough.

    I think this is a post every blogger should read, not just book bloggers necessarily. I’m relieved to say that I didn’t find myself lacking based on your list, but it does remind me how important pictures are!

    I tend to write really long posts, and I always have to cut them down before I published because I know big blocks of text can be a turn off for a lot of readers, strangely enough since we’re a community of readers, haha ^_^ But I’m think using more pictures might help make my reviews less intimidating reads. I’m still figuring it out!

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  15. Thanks for this! I know you said you don’t like it when there’s too much going on aesthetically, but what about the other way around?

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    1. I get a little nervous when it looks like a generic theme with nothing done to it because it looks like the blogger doesn’t care! But otherwise for me less is more!! That’s just me personally though 🙂


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