The Second Annual Book Blogger Awards!!!



This is probably the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done because I usually scheduled posts and also life is super busy and stressful but by now you probably realize that the second annual book blogger awards are currently going on!!!!! And I had the honor to be nominated several times for the Best Teen Blogger Award! HUGE thanks to Ellyn, Maria, Kelly, Malanie, and Emma!! I realized that I just HAD to spread the love, and today is the last day so I typed this up real quick!!!!!

ALSO I’m REALLY not supposed to be doing this right now I’m supposed to be studying, so I’m not nominating someone for every award because I can’t think!!! AND I want to gush and say nice things about everyone here but again TIME so just know that if you’re on this list (and if you aren’t!!!) you’re the BEST!!!!

Best Teen Blogger (13-18): Andie from Andie’s Nirvana. 

Best Adult Blogger (20+): Malanie from Malanie Loves Fiction

Best Book Blogger from Underrepresented/Minority Group: Maria from Bookgraphy 

Young Adult: Ashley from Book Tales

Romance: Karen Jo from Sincerely Karen Jo

Best Book Reviews: Emma from Emma Reads Too Much (duh)

Prettiest Bookshelf: Cait from Paper Fury

Best Discussion Posts: Kelly from Another Book In The Wall (if anyone else gets this I will revolt)

The Master of Weekly Features: Jenn from Bound to Writing

Best New Book Blogger: Kara from Bernards Book Blog

Best Overall Book Blogger: Dani from Touch My Spine Reviews


Image result for virtual hug

ps sorry for being super slow with responding to comments/checking my feed on blogs I’m following/commenting back I’m cOMPLETLY OVERWHELMED WITH LIFE right now I just sat and ate ice cream out of the carton for like half an hour yesterday does that describe it to you???


27 thoughts on “The Second Annual Book Blogger Awards!!!

  1. Aww thank you hun! Kay you are just the sweetest. I’ll be adding this to my list which may take a while LOL. But just so you know, I love your blog and would totally nominate you as Best Book Blogger for YA! Thanks again!!! Sending you lots of XOXO.

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  2. Awww!!!!💙💙💙 This made my day, Kay!!!!💜 I honestly didn’t know about this blogger award business because been a way for a lil bit but it made me so happy to get the best overall book blogger award nominations for at least two people!! Yay!!! Happy Dances!!!💜💃 I am so happy for you about your awards! You are a rockstar and have touched my heart in so many ways!😀 Thanks for being such an amazing friend.💙💖💙💖 XOXOXOXO 🌹💜🌹💜
    p.s. I know,I have been a blogger a lil bit longer than you but do you know how to look up all the links you’ve ever received?😊 If not totally understand Because I have absolutely no idea! I hope you are doing great my friend.💙💖💙

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  3. Oh no!!! I prematurely but sent again!😵 I was going to say also that you definitely deserve any nomination or award that you get, sweetheart because you are such a talented, smart, fun and well written lady and blogger!💙📚💖🌠 You definitely have been a positive influence in the blogosphere!💜

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    1. Thanks Dani!!! I’m so so so happy to have met you through blogging because you really are the BEST BLOGGER EVER ❤ ❤ ❤ I have no idea how to look up links I would love to know that too haha. ❤ ❤ ❤


      1. Awww!!! You made my month saying that!!! You are the most sweetest and kindest lady, Kay! I am so thankful that I had the pleasure of meeting you! Xoxoxo! They are actually doing a poll with me inn the nominations for overall best blogger!!!💖💖💖 If you look at my twitter page you should be able to see it as my pinned tweet if you use Twitter. The link for my Twitter is
        Even without Twittwr you can view things and may be able to vote too.
        Thank you so much for all your support, Kay! You are amazing!💖


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