The Cheesy Goodness Book Tag!

Hi friends. I like cheese. Cheese is great.


Anywaysssss…Kelly from Another Book in the Wall tagged me in the Cheesy Goodness Book Tag and I was like food. Yes. Thanks, Kelly!

The Rules

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  • Have fun!


Cheddar: The Traditional Cheese | Name Your Favorite Classic Novel

Image result for gatsby book

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald’s writing style is so beautiful! The story really draws you in, captivating you in Gatsby’s struggle. And I hate almost everyone but still love the book–that’s when you know it’s good!

Cheese Note: Can’t go wrong with traditional cheese!


Swiss: The Hole-y Cheese | Name An Emotional Roller Coaster

Image result for a court of mist and fury

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas. This book is so insane! There were parts that made me grin, parts I absolutely loved, parts that made me furious, sad, stressed…pretty much everything! Hands down the best in the trilogy.

Cheese Note: I really like Swiss cheese it earns five cheesy stars


Blue Cheese: The Controversial Cheese | Name An Unpopular Book Opinion You Have

Image result for red queen

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. This book has an average 4.1 on Goodreads, and everyone seems to like it, but I just…don’t. It just felt ridiculously contrived and cliche to me.

Cheese Note: Blue cheese is absolutely disgusting.


Brie: The Favorite Cheese | Name An Author You Always Want More Of

Related image

Marissa Meyer, same as Kelly! I have yet to read a single one of her books that I don’t love! Lunar Chronicles are my favorite YA series ever ❤ And I’m dying in anticipation of Archenemies!

Cheese note: Brie isn’t my favorite cheese, but I really like it.


Gouda: The Dutch Cheese | Name a Book That Makes You Want to Travel

Image result for just one day

Just One Day by Gale Forman. I love the traveling in that book. It spends time in Paris, my dream destination, and then takes the reader all over Europe! I’ve always wanted to go to Europe too so that really helps! After reading that book, I’m ready to pack a suitcase and go!

Cheese note: I used to not like Gouda as a kid, but that’s insane because I love Gouda now.


American: The Fake Cheese | Name Your Least Favorite Book

Image result for tale of two cities

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. Sorry, I know it’s a classic, but that book was just torture getting through. I think I might still have PTSD. And it’s turned me off Dickens for live while I recover.

Cheese Note: This is disgusting. Whenever people get those nachos with synthetic orange cheese I’m like how can you even eat that without puking?


Colby Jack: The Mixed Cheese | Name Your Favorite Ship

Related image

Kai and Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles because I love Kai and I love Cinder and I love Kai and Cinder and I just love everything about them, okay??? Also I love everyone else from that series. Yeah.

Cheese Note: I’m pretty indifferent to this. It’s good, but not exceptional.


Mozzarella: The Simple Cheese | Name An Old Favorite You’ll Never Stop Loving

Image result for ella enchanted

Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. My childhood favorite ❤ I’ve read this book so many times I practically have it memorized. And the spine is practically destroyed so it can rest open to any page. And I honestly don’t mind because it just shows that it’s loved ❤

Cheese Note: This is so accurate mozzarella is an old favorite I’ll never stop loving. 


Pepper Jack: The Spicy Cheese | Name A Book You Can’t Judge By It’s Cover

Image result for die for me book

Die For Me by Amy Plum. I think maybe you’re supposed to do a good book with a bad cover, but I’m doing this one because the cover is GORGEOUS so of COURSE I picked it up and then I felt so betrayed to be treated with a bad Twilight knockoff.

Cheese note: I can’t handle spice. Cheese or otherwise. Don’t like Pepper Jack.


Muenster: The Monster Cheese | Name A Villain You Wish Never Had the Joy of Eating Cheese Again

Related image

Voldemort from Harry Potter. Is there really any question that he’s the worst of the worst villains?

Cheese note: I’ve never heard of this?? Maybe I’ve eaten it without knowing its name.


I’m tagging ANYONE WHO LIKES CHEESE! Because cheese is great so do it for the cheesy goodness of it!!! Comment below what you thought of the tag and my answers 🙂


25 thoughts on “The Cheesy Goodness Book Tag!

  1. Agh, I really like blue cheese though! :< totally agree on the American one though- *how* can people eat it is beyond me. Loved your answers! Entirely agree on ACOMAF, Harry Potter and The Great Gatsby 😀 No more cheese for Voldemort. Unless it's American cheese, that is.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. YAY I LOVE CHEESE. (Says me who was literally eating some 2 seconds ago.😂So cheese appreciation = confirmed.) And ugh I didn’t like Red Queen either so you’re not alone…it’s actually kind of cliche and picked bits and pieces from other famous novels and I’m just like??? Do not understand the hope. Do not.😂And UGH VILLAINS. I do hate Voldemort! But I’m reading the Chaos Walking books right now and aghighghg I think Aaron may be one of the worst villains I’ve ever read. I’m so angry at him uGHG.


  3. Great Gatsby is lovely! And Ella Enchanted is a childhood favorite of mine too! Did you know there’s a prequel coming out by the way? I’m pretty darn excited. :p


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