The Me In Book Characters Tag!

I saw this tag over at Dreamy Reads and I decided to take initiative and tag myself because I’m narcissistic and like talking about myself so why not xD (note–maybe I should use Narcissus as one of my relatable characters…I haven’t actually read a novel with him though so hmm guess I don’t have to look thatttt bad).


  • Thank the creaters of the tag–the wonderful Ash and Lo from Windowsill Books
  • Thank whoever tagged you–I wasn’t tagged lol but I did see it from Dreamy Reads 🙂
  • List 5 book characters who you are most like and explain why.
  • Tag your friends!

So I decided to do it in bullet point form to get my excessive fangirling out so just excuse my weirdness por favor.

1. Lara Jean from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. 



  • Sometimes needs to write things down to get out strong emotions (although I’ll just squeal all over my journal, not formally write and address love letters haha).
  • Loooooves to bake! Baking is amazing! Can we bake together??
  • Cares really really fiercely about siblings/familyyy
  • Half Asian, half white. This might seem trivial and surface but I legit have not read another book with a half Asian protagonist and there are so many relatable things there (Person: like, what are you? Me/Lara Jean: why do you care?).
  • College!! Having to worry about being rejected, about where to go to keep a balance with being close to home, and also finding a place you love, etc. Why do some high school protagonists not seem to care about college?

2. Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice

Image result for pride and prejudice book

  • Too judgmental. I judge people a lot based on first impression, and I know that’s really bad but I’m only human!
  • Loves reading! Caroline said it, but Lizzy was the one who really meant that there is no pleasure like a good book 🙂 I don’t read to impress a lame man, I read because WHY WOULD YOU NOT???
  • Cares so much about family! Love Lizzy’s bond with her sister Jane ❤ And she really cares about Lydia too, even when she’s out being a complete idiot and looser.
  • Enjoys sightseeing and stuff. When Lizzy goes to the North with her aunt and uncle Gardiner, I’m like, can I please stow away on that trip with you it sounds amazing 🙂
  • So romantic with love! I mean, I’m forever alone due to high bookish boyfriend standards *glares down Darcy* but I love how she wouldn’t settle for Collins the disgusting slob even when her mother wished it so much!

3. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter: 


  • Reads so much! Haven’t you read Hogwarts, A History? xD I love how she pretty much lives in the library because it’s my second home too ❤
  • Such a nerd it’s amazing haha. She’s so ambitious cramming in all those hard classes with the time turner and trying to take it all! (note to self: it’s probably not a good idea to take 6 AP classes in a year…)
  • Surprisingly, she’s human, guys, she’s not perfect. She has crooked, large teeth, and frizzy hair. Note this only pertains to book Hermione because Emma Watson is perfect for Hermione except SHE’S TOO PRETTY!!

4. Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries

Image result for princess diaries book series

  • Loves to write! I want to be a published author so badlyyy
  • Socially awkward/unpopular. Welp. I’m that kid that nobody knows. I probably spend more time talking to people online than in real life.
  • The struggle with having zero boobs and frizzy hair is real??? Sounds so superficial but I feel really self conscious about this sometimes guys
  • Friends are too smart hahaha sometimes I feel so lost when my friends taking 100000 AP classes are talking just like Lilly and Michael ( ❤ ) but I still love them.

5. Jane Grey from My Lady Jane

Image result for my lady jane

  • Books are life! Admittedly I don’t read such informational nonfiction books as she does, but still readinggggg ❤
  • So passionate about the things she cares about like helping out aww ok I only wish I was this passionate but I’m still kind of passionate xD
  • Tends to do stupid things sometimes without fully thinking…but it’s bc our hearts are in the right place ❤


Tagging…anyone who wants to do it 🙂 Take initiative like me and do it when you’re not tagged xD Do you relate to any of these people? Who do you relate to the most? Happy reading!

29 thoughts on “The Me In Book Characters Tag!

  1. I love how Lara Jean is worried about college because I was worried as heck in high school about getting a scholarship, it was like the Hunger Games back in my high school and that made it like… 10x worse. All’s good now, so don’t be too worried! Great tag by the way!

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  2. What an awesome tag!!

    I can easily relate with Elizabeth Bennet and Hermione as well, although I suck at baking and I am 0% Asian as far as I’m concerned so I couldn’t possibly relate to Lara Jean! 😛

    i had a lot of fun reading this. I bet your journal squealing are worth exploring in a fiction… Just saying that might be your starting point for a story 😉

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  3. oh my gosh all of these characters are so amazing???? and this TAG????? I feel like we are the same person sometimes bc baking, book boyfriend standards, college, etc ❤ and I am so happy that Hermione is not glamorous in the series, I love her sm???? IRL REP.

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  4. AHHH! YAYYYY! We are so happy you took the initiative and did the tag! We are honestly so honored that you liked our tag enough to want to do it yourself 🙂 And your picks were PERFECTION! We literally relate to every single one of them!!! Awesome, awesome, awesome post, friend!!

    Happy reading!

    -Ash & Lo

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  5. Great answers! I love this tag, it is so cute! I haven’t read any of these books (shame on me) but they are definitely on my TBR! I relate a lot to Cress from the Lunar Chronicles. The whole socially impaired and falls-in-love-with-someone-they-have-only-read-about is totally meee!!! XD

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  6. Aaah you did this tag! This is a really great tag but a hard one at the same time. I love all your answers. Hermione obviously had to be on this list. And I love it when characters have flaws like us. And I forgot to add Mia to my list. That’s so me.


  7. I love To all the boys I’ve loved before! One of my favourites!(Tho I didn’t really like the 2nd one that much). Kitty is actually just like my sister!
    These are all my favourite books and all my favourite characters! We could be bestfriends! 😊


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